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Hello, everyone! Nicole and some other people (AKA bakagamicchii, shingekinotitanic, and miyusawa) inspired me to do this Blog of the Month thingy! (And I just started watching Soul Eater hence the random graphic.)

1. Don’t have to be following me! I don’t want people following just for the chances of getting this. But you can still check out my blog if you’d like! And your follow would mean a lot because I’m a hundred away from my next thousand hOLLA
2. Only reblogs are going to be considered, but of course like this for reference if you want.
3. You guys have until August 10, 2014, 12:00am CST
4. After that, gimme about two days to pick the winners. Speaking of which…
FIRST PLACE: -Follow-Link on my blog-If graphic maker, you can tell me which of your edits/gifs to reblog at any time (same goes for artists/cosplayers/writers/etc.)-Promo at any time during the month-Basically I’m gonna love you as much as you want me to :)
RUNNER-UP:-Follow-Link on my blog-Promo 2 times during the month at your discretion