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Sebastian Michaelis is a powerful demon

  • Sebastian: On my way to corrupt Ciel's soul with my evilness
  • Sebastian: *develops a fetish for cats, saves kittens, prances around with a deerhead, prances around in a unicorn costume, has a thousand catchphrases, uses puns whenever he can, has way too much fun at dressup parties, has way too much fun looking for Easter eggs, invents a curry bun for kiddies to eat, poledances, thinks the only way to get info from straight women is to be a manwhore, hires the derpiest staff known to mankind, pretends to be killed by a firepoker, gets his head nommed by tigers, literally won a fight because Ciel believed in him, actually listens to William when they're roomies, internal monologue always complaining*
  • Ciel: Look in the mirror, loser